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A Zombies Guide to Tattoo Cover Up!

One of the most rewarding tasks of being a Tattoo Artist is being able to cover an existing Tattoo with a completely new design and sometimes bringing closure to a period of a person’s life.

The cover up Tattoo can help people move on, forget past events or just replace something old with something new.

A design for a Tattoo cover up requires more thought and planning than a normal design. If you have an idea about what you want to cover the old Tattoo with, we will tailor the idea to suit the cover up. You may have to compromise a bit if you have a certain design image in mind but we try and keep as close to your original ideas as possible.

Not all design ideas can work but will try our best to make it work using your chosen subject. Its best to think of a few different subject matters for you cover up as this gives us a better chance of coming up with designs which you will agree on

The old Tattoo is used as a framework of the new design which takes in the old Line work or shapes and uses them as a part of the new Artwork.

Below is a series of pictures to demonstrate how the process works for covering up an old Tattoo.

Existing Tattoo With stencil applied start of Tattoo process

Once the design is ready the stencil is placed in the correct position and the Tattoo cover up begins.

This is a slower process than straight forward Tattoo Art, it can be confusing looking at a stencil overlaying an old Tattoo. This adds time and therefore cost but when compared to laser Tattoo removal sessions Tattoo coverups have their pros.

The pictures above are up to the point we finished during a day sitting. This is the most economical way to get large scale work done. The session costs £340 which requires a £30 deposit to book and for any design that is needed. Many people say that it’s worth the pain, cost and numb bum from sitting all day. This price includes the design and also Dermalize pro aftercare Tattoo wrap and A+D ointment.

The below pictures are of the next session to complete the rest of the Tattoo cover up with the Tattoo from the first session completely healed.

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