NAME: “Jay” Jaimie

ROLE: Tattoo Artist and Designer

BIO: 'Jay' is an artist with many years of experience in painting & tattooing. He prefers to work black grey & white but has produced a lot of colour work to a high standard. He likes work that challenges

him and is creative.


BOOK A SESSION: Telephone: 07593 676 536


NAME: "lou" Louisa

ROLE: Piercer Artist and Designer, Teeth Technician

BIO: 'Lou' is a Piercer with many years of experience, She likes work that challenges her and is very creative, she is also part of the creative team within the studio, she helps create bespoken and custom designs. 

Lou has been working very hard, training and developing her skill within Teeth cosmetics, Lou is our Teeth Whitening Technician.


BOOK A SESSION: Telephone: 07593 676 536